1. Last of the Boot Hill Rejects Gang.

  2. Apologies to Artemisia Gentileschi.

  3. But will I ever finish this comic about the dead armadillo on our street?

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  10. Anonymous said: When I pick up my copy of Flagpole every Tuesday, I flip right to the back to see what you've come up with this week. I especially love the Athena series that has appeared on a few covers over the past couple of years. My question is this: Did you study Classics? I've picked up on a thread of mythology running through your work. In any case, keep it up! Also: eeffoC dnA deaH ruoY nruT = JOY.

    Hey!  I didn’t study Classics, unless the run-of-the-mill college-course mythology stuff counts. But I do love mythology and have read a bit on my own too. Nice to hear from you.

    RELATED SIDE NOTE: I did not realize that when I reply to questions from “Anonymous” folks privately, they don’t ever see it. Sorry, guys. I’ll try to go back and find those answers.

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